Radio advertisements with different voices (Voice over), composing, arranging and mixing music advertisements.


Broadcasting and producing television advertisements, including directing, photography, lighting, motion graphics, sound effects, social media shows and infographics.

We implement voice over, musical and television ads using motion graphic techniques.

Types of ads

5 second ad breaks

Announcement 30 – 45 seconds

Time Shop 5-15 minutes

cartoon ads

A Class ads

B Class ads

social media ads

TV ads

1 – Chroma Sony camera studio ad, model, directing, montage, and (Voice over) (Musical tack) and the duration of the advertisement

Either (30 seconds or 50 seconds)

2 – Chroma 5D camera ad, model, directing, montage, (Voice over) (Musical tack) and Director of Photography, and the duration of the advertisement

Either (30 seconds or 50 seconds)

3 – Landscape or Chroma ad, 5D camera studio, directing crew, motion graphics, (voice over) ad tunes, director of photography and models, and the duration of the ad is (50 seconds)

Radio ads

Radio ads

NAB Advertising Company also provides radio advertising service and reservation of radio broadcasts for owners of companies and commercial activities at the official prices. Choosing the radio on the radio to broadcast the advertisement from, as well as choosing the number of times the advertisement is broadcast on the radio, as well as selecting specific programs and thus targeting specific segments of the audience

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